The oldest Oldie evarrr!!

this week start’s with something very special here at Ħ Ξ Ŀ Ŀ – I reanimated one of the oldest songs I’ve ever written & recorded. and it was back in the days of 1986.

in that year my brother & me already had our very first band running called ‘Newhouse‘ (because our surname ‘Neuhaus’ means that in english 😉 ), consisting of my brother on drums & vocals and myself on synth & vocals (from left to right on pic above). I was 14 and my brother was 9 years old in that day.

we covered a lot of 80’s pop- and italodisco-stuff but we also had own songs, which were mainly composed & written by myself.
this song named ‘Goodbeye‘ was one of my very first selfwritten songs and we had the opportunity to professionally record that tune in a studio which was run by a friend of my parents, who gave us this recording as an xmas present. we recorded oldschoolish analogue on good old tape

you’re now about to witness this historical oldie – please forgive the bad english, my puberty vocal change and the sometimes occurring rhythmical untightness! 😉


Newhouse – Goodbeye

in the year 2006 I made some remixed versions of some of these old tunes, especially ‘Goodbeye’ and two other songs (Emergency, Lose Control), which are part of my digital album ‘Carefree‘ – you can check that out below, too! vvvvv

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