Nu DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING videoclip!!

we’re kicking off this upcoming new week with brandnu & gorgeous visual material by our beloved $upra artist DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING aka hans luegeheu.

DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING released his first official & selftitled longplayer last year in november on $upra Recordings (read more about it HERE! ) and also dropped a video for his first single ‘Penitence‘ parallel to the release (if you haven’t seen it already, watch it now HERE! ).

his new video is for the dreamy, chilled and slow tune ‘Desire‘, one of my absolutely faves from his album.
the video was again cut by his pal ‘NTSC/DC‘ who also did the clip for ‘Penitence’ and he did a freakin’ awesome job again on this, taking fragments from old sci-fi & horror flics to fit the allover dark & gloomy atmosphere of hans’ tunes – the most splendid combination ever. 🙂

and now enjoy the video!

also checkout, listen, download & buy ‘DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING’ on bandcamp!


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