Brandnu Remix!!

it’s time for a brandnu remix. 2 years ago in summer I already did a remix for this guy who is also a good friend of mine – I’m talking about Ralph Ruthe.

Ralph is well known for his funny cartoons – read more about Ralph HERE.

his tune named ‘10 More Miles‘ is a catchy & dancey disco/electrohouse track with vocals by Pete Quest and is featured in the middle & the end of one of his latest cartoons named ‘Die HNO WG – Folge 4‘ – check it out below VVVVV:

also checkout & download his complete original song on iTunes.

my darkdancer remix goes in a slightly darker & retro-house-ish direction and was intended as a thanksgiving-free-download for all who bought Ralph’s original tune. unfortunately the free-download-option on soundcloud expires already on the count of 100, if you are a free soundcloud-user…

so for now you’re only able to listen to my remix – but there’s still good news: if you like my darkdancer-remix & want to have it, simply write a message and I’ll send it over to you! send an email to hell-g (at) hell-g (dot) com. 😉

if you missed my remix two years ago for Ralph’s tune ‘Du bist wie Sand‘, check it out HERE !


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