Last Call!!

april has broken & it’s about that time for another last call – this time it’s for a mix I did three years ago in 2009 named ‘Disco Knights From Outta Space‘. 🙂

as you can read in the title this mix has a certain disco-based characteristic soundwise with all of it’s varied spectrum, but is also speckled with some electrobangers.

featured artists in this mix are f.e. cut copy, sparks, cosmo vitelli, bag raiders, metric, d.i.m, digitalism, etc.

and now, put on your dancing shoes even if it’s hard (in case of mondaze..;) ) , click download (right click & save as) or stream and just pretend it’s friday already! 🙂

enjoy the mix!

DISCO KNIGHTS FROM OUTTA SPACE – mixed by hell g. / Nov.09

important last call notice: content posted under the topic ‘Last Call‘ stays online for a week for free download – after that the content will be deleted permanently!!

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