A very special nu tiny little $upra Release!!

back on track with a very, very special $upra Release!

why special? coz this release is the theme from the beautiful shortfilm ‘Rubber Soul‘ directed by outstanding filmmaker, photographer and good friend Lennart Selle.

‘Rubber Soul’ is a shortfilm about the young little boy Jonas (starring Maik Wittlif), music-lover & on the cusp of puberty, who takes a look out of the box of his sheltered existence and discovers the quite different social and musical world of the neighbor girl Helen (starring Friederike Wolf).
He notes that a new phase of life is about to begin and it friggin’ creeps him out, sometimes…

while the film captures the recipient already from the first seconds with smooth and gentle pictures, cuts and camera-rides, it has also a perfect matching soundtrack featuring the sweet sonic music of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and a tune created by Allen N. Restle & myself, featuring the gorgeous vocals of PUCH‘s leadsinger Cara McQueen.
this tune named ‘Helen’s Theme‘ appears when the recipient & Jonas discover Helen for the first time.

while the whole film is spiked with 80’s nostalgia, the whole soundtrack of ‘Rubber Soul’ completes this feel.
Rubber Soul‘ was nominated for the ‘Goldener Reiter’ in the categories ‘Best national Film‘ and also for the best soundtrack as the only german shortfilm on the filmfestival in Dresden.

Rubber Soul‘ is a must-see-shortmovie! unfortunately it is not available online for now, but if you are curious about the film, take a peek at the sweet making-of, made by Daniel Gerlich:

because of the huge positive feedback on the soundtrack Lennart & I decided to release ‘Helen’s Theme‘ as a digital single on $upra Recordings.

Listen, download, buy & share ‘Helen’s Theme’ on bandcamp:

there’s also a more clubrelated remix of ‘Helen’s Theme‘ named ‘Dreams Come True‘ available on my 2010 release ‘Exit Planet D.I.S.C.O.‘ – grab it below:

thx & enjoy!!

3 thoughts on “A very special nu tiny little $upra Release!!

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  2. what’s the actual name of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti song in the shortfilm? unfortunately, I can’t find the song anywhere! the shortfilm is amazing!

    • there are actually two songs of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti in the shortfilm ‘Rubber Soul’; one at the very beginning in the recordshop is the song ‘Credit’ from the album ‘Worn Copy’, and later the more featured song ‘Every night I die at Miyagis’ from the album ‘House Arrest’.

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