Ghosts In Disguise – Odenwald – Out on Vinyl!!

It’s finally here – the first official release by Matthew Adams & my project ‘Ghosts In Disguise‘ has just hit the shops.
Ladies & Gentlemen: We’re very proud to present you ‘Odenwald‘ !! (see the limited Art Edition Vinyl Set on pic above!!)

Our track ‘Odenwald‘ is an smooth and epic soundtrack for your very own braincinema – it’s also a track that evolved and evolved to version 3.0 already in our private records (checkout version 3.0 below).

the tiny and beautiful little label ‘shhhh-records’ loved our original version 1 of ‘Odenwald’ so much that it got released there on vinyl & aswell digital.

checkout the eerie dreamy video they did for us:

Odenwald‘ is now available in severeal shops for download (linklist below) – the physical vinyl features the original mix aswell as remixes by Mathias Schaffhäuser, Matthew Adams and Boris Backup (vinyl exclusive!) and comes with a bonus CD + additional remixes by Robert Edwin, Bluff, our 2.0 Version etc.
checkout the whole release here:

other shops:
Odenwald on Amazon
Odenwald on Whatpeopleplay
Odenwald on Junorecords
Odenwald on decks
Odenwald on Web Records
and lost not least
Odenwald at the shhhhop

listen, download, buy, share & enjoy Odenwald!

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