The House Of House Vol.II

in the beginning there was jack – and jack had a groove – and from this groove….etc. – yall know this quote? it’s from the 1987 classic chicago house anthem ‘My House’ by ‘Rhythm Controll’, featuring the vocals of Chuck Roberts.

nearly one year ago I supplied a mix to yall named ‘The House Of House‘ where I overindulged my deep love to house music in general.
house was the first electronic dancemusic style that gripped me completely in the middle/late 80’s and was also that kind of music that brought me into producing & djing.

now welcome to ‘The House Of House Vol.II‘ – a mix where I again worship a vast load of the different facets of house music, even the oldschool with artists like Raze, Tyree Cooper, Mood II Swing, etc. and newschool like Fire For Effect, Superflu, Scuba, etc.

enjoy ‘The House Of House Vol.II’, listen, share, download (by right-clicking & save as on the link below!

The House Of House Vol.II – mixed by hell g. – jun 012

p.s.: missed the first edition of ‘The House Of House‘? no problemcheck it out HERE!!

p.p.s.: I’ve got a brandnu webradio show on Musiclovers/ running every sunday from 20 – 22 MEZ named ‘Hell G’s House Kitchen‘ – tune in HERE !

p.p.p.s.: hungry for the tracklist? just send a msg!

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