Turn the Radio ON!!

yesyesyes yall, nice tings are happening meanwhile – I’ve been dreamin of this opportunity for a long time already, but now it came true.
ladies & gentlemen, I’m proud to announce: I have my own webradio show! 🙂

the show is named ‘Hell G’s House Kitchen‘ and is aired live every sunday from 20-22 MEZ, or (like today/tonite) on friday from 22-00 MEZ, every once a week.

hosted by the webradio-collective ‘Musiclovers.fm‘ you find 4-5 different radiostreams on their page, as there is technolovers, hardlovers, dublovers & houselovers.

my show is available on the houselovers stream – here’s the LINK

in ‘Hell G’s House Kitchen‘ you will get a broad variety of housemusic – the classic tunes, the uplifting stuff, the chilled & deep sound and aswell the party-hardy kind of shit. 😉 and there are often a lot of bordercrosser tunes, that are not strictly house, but have an indie-disco-electro-feel to it.

tonights (6.7.12) show, which will start at 22pm MEZ, will feature the more pardy-bass-fidget-clash-soundI would love to see yalls on the stream tonight! tune in HERE !

p.s.: you can also write greets & track-wishes to me via my facebook-page or directly in the radiostream-window! 🙂

turn on, tune in, drop out! 😉

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