Another L.O.S.T. Tune!!

when it rains, it pours!
this years summer seems to be an endless april over here in germany (like any other season too) – how surprising that I found another L.O.S.T.-tune here in my mp3-vault that I’d nearly forgot.
the tune is named ‘surge‘ and was made in 2004 because of a similar wet summer like this year.

surge‘ is a dark & rolling drum & bass tune, somehow threatening, deep but also with smooth moments in the middle, just to break down into a tidal, all consuming wave in the second half of the track.

it was planned to release as the ‘surge e.p.‘ in 2004 but never got released, because the tune got lost on a safety-copy-cd in the same year, which I rediscovered yesterday – seems as if I’m now able to re-release this e.p. very soon. 😉

grab ‘surge’ quick – it’s free!


hell g. – surge

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