Nu weird Video by Phantomsignal!!

strange signals are breaking thru the clouds, most of them aren’t even real – they’re only matter of your imagination and subconscious perception. so, it’s really difficult to talk about those phenomenons cause they aren’t really tangible.

but there are two guys who have this ability of sorcery to make the subconsciousness visible in an acoustic way: I’m talking bout ‘Phantomsignal’.

last year they had their debut release ‘Testbild E.P.’ here on $upra Recordings and they’ve also some brand nu stuff in the pipeline.
but for now we have a videoclip for a track from their latest E.P.

the clip is for the track ‘Atomkonzentrat‘ and was made by ‘gltchflxx‘, a swiss couple doin strange & slightly disturbing, glitchy, lofi video-art which carries the spirit of VHS inside.

the following clip shows you the bizarre choreography of backward slo-mo explosions & detonations, paired with the spooky, glitchy ambient drone house sound by Phantomsignal this is a fatal experience

also checkout the ‘Testbild E.P.‘ by Phantomsignal below vvvv:

the girls & guys of gltchflxx came to me via my wordpress blog – they’re currently working on their website – if you liked the clip stay tuned for updates here!
they also did a mindmelting clip for my tune ‘Dreams com true (feat. Cara McQueen)‘ – enjoy that too!

get that tune from my ‘Exit Planet D.I.S.C.O E.P.‘ below vvvv:

share, download, listen, buy !!


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