Do you know L064N 5??

we’re gliding into september smoothly with a brandnu sideproject of mine – it’s settled somewhere in the glitchy and chilled realms of downtempo music and I named it ‘L064N 5‘.

some of you dear readers might know Logan 5 as the main character of the classic 1976′ movieLogan’s Run‘ (in german: Flucht ins 23. Jahrhundert).

when I saw this movie for the first time in my life I was tender 8 years old and it had massive impact on me. the distopic vision of a totally controlled society, where nobody gets older than 30 years (to keep the population under control) scared & fascinated me at the same time.
years later when I saw ‘Logan’s Run‘ again it still had the same effect on me.

I remembered it when I was working on new stuff lately – the sounds where somehow sci-fi, yet chilled and calm, sometimes even a bit eerie and I decided to digest my impressions of the movie in my new project.
L064N 5 was born. 🙂

come and checkout L064N 5 on soundcloud! here are some sounds below vvvvv:
L064N 5 – Z00M

L064N 5 – Junk Eat Junk

L064N 5 – Jess

(more on soundcloud!)

he’s also got a facebook-page already – show him some love! 😉


p.s.: there are also some fragments of the movieLogan’s Run‘ in the latest videoclip of $upra-Recordings artist ‘DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING‘ – check out his clip for his track ‘Desire‘!

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