Nu $upra Re-Release: takt3 – So It Is

it’s time for another re-release on $upra Recordings – this time it’s the magnificent second album by ‘takt3‘ named ‘So it Is‘, which was officially released in november 2010.

So It Is‘ is a true concept album which unfolds it’s beauty mostly when you listen to it non-stop and in full length. (read more about the release HERE)

for those of you dear readers who want to take a small glimpse on ‘So It Ischeckout the following albumteaser:

to get the full impression I recommend to checkout it out in complete length via bandcamp:

takt3‘ also giving away two tracks of ‘So It Is‘ for free (HP 1220 & Set Dela No) – grab em fast!

listen/stream/download/share takt3’sSo It Is‘ on bandcamp !

p.s.: for those of you who wondered what happend to my other $upra shop on ithinkmusic – I don’t really know! suddenly the platform closed their doors foreverno signs, no emails, no goodbeyes. the only thing I found when searching the web was this article. so R.I.P. ithinkmusic! and thanks for informing your members!


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