ZOMBIERAVE II – Dance of the Dead

yall know wut? it’s halloween tonita – and what could be a possibly better soundtrack for this event than another ‘ZOMBIERAVE‘ mixtape?? 😉

in may this year I posted the firstZOMBIERAVE‘ mix for yall dear readers and it consisted of ultra-slowed-down 90’s techno rave tunes & anthems melted together into a haunting, hypnotic slo-mo joyride.

this time I took a step across another border: I invited a bunch of already dead and undead vocalists and mashed-up the old slowed down techno tunes with their vocals – how friggin’ sick is that? 😀

here’s a short overview about these artists:

dead singers
ian curtis (courtesy of joy division)
carl & dennis wilson (courtesy of the beach boy zombies)
john lennon (courtesy of the zombles)
the beastie boys (courtesy of the beastie boys)
nico (courtesy of the velvet zombie underground)

undead singers
brian wilson (courtesy of the zombie boys)
lemmy kilmister (courtesy of motörzombiehead)
joey tempest (courtesy of europe)
madonna (courtesy of madonna)
neil tennant (courtesy of pet shop zombies)
josh homme (courtesy of zombies of the stone age)
chris martin (courtesy of coldzombie)
thom yorke (courtesy of radiohead)
morten harket (courtesy of a-ha)
dolores o’zombie (courtesy of the cranberries)
and many more

this time ‘ZOMBIERAVE 2‘ turned out into a true monstermix lenghtwise – it’s nearly 2 hours long!
so I devided it into two parts for your listening- and downloading-pleasure. 😉
(right click and ‘save as‘ on the links below – it’s free!!)

enjoy halloween – enjoy ZOMBIERAVE 2!!

ZOMBIERAVE 2 – Dance of the Dead Pt.I – mixed by hell g. – Oct.2012

ZOMBIERAVE 2 – Dance of the Dead Pt.II – mixed by hell g. – Oct.2012

p.s. to all my hometown-readers: we have a creepy party tonite named ‘ZOMBIERAVE‘ at our beloved little venueNr.z.P.‘ in Bielefeld featuring ‘killerfritte‘ (aka rec.effort) & ‘hoellen-g‘ (aka me) – come as a zombie & get free entry! C yall there!

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