Oldie(s) of the month

time for some more old shit – this time I’ve got 2 tunes from my dead sideproject ‘Annette Gratze‘ for you, created somewhere between 2001/02.

the last time I blogged a track of this sideproject here was already two years ago, so if you want to know more about ‘Annette Gratze‘, go on clicking THIS WAY! 😉

the first track I got for you was one of our latest sessionworks & it wasn’t part of our album ‘Words More in the Air‘.

Achnbach and me (who wrote and composed all tracks) sometimes lingered in the basement of their house and had sessions with various instruments. it was mostly improvised stuff without an defined structure. we jammed around, achnbach on guitar & me on synths & percussion and created this organic, slightly ill piece of cake – it somehow has an overall sloppy jazzy feeling to it so we named it after the place where it was created. 😉
we later added additional electronics and annette’s ad-libs.

annette gratze – jazzhole

the second tune I got for yalls is the closing track of our album – a beautiful, ethereal and melancholic instrumental guitar performance by achnbach.

annette gratze – distance (gone)

enjoy the music!

Annette Gratze on MySpace

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