it’s about that time for a nu mixtape – this time I poached inside the slower realms of contemporary electronic music.

as fall slowly turns into winter I thought about what could be a nice soundtrack for this event?
it somehow had to be slow and dark, it needs atmosphere and it should have a somehow ‘golden‘ vibe to it.

and here it is:
please enjoy ‘TRAPPED // BROKEN & SKREWED‘ !

featured styles in this mix:
downtempo, dubstep, chillwave, hiphop, trap, glitch hop, future screw, drag, and many more..

featured artists in this mix:
Purity Ring, Haleek Maul, Big Chocolate, Trill-Scott Heron, BoomBaptist, Com Truise, Creep, Them Lost Boys, Death Grips and many more..

TRAPPED // BROKEN & SKREWED (download by rightclicking on the link below)
TRAPPED // BROKEN & SKREWED – mixed by hell g.

or get it from mixcloud:

p.s.: for a complete tracklist please send a msg!!

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