Another Release-Reminder from $upra Recordings!!

it’s time for another short release-reminder of the latest stuff on my little label $upra-Recordings!

1.) ’54NC7V4RY E.P.’ by ‘L064N 5’
discover the magic realms of broken, wonky but chilled downtempo beats inside a retrofuturistic sci-fi atmo and grab the first official digital e.p. of my new sideprojectL064N 5‘ – btw: it’s still available for free download – but only til the end of 012! 😉

listen & download

L064N 5 on Soundcloud // Facebook // Tumblr

2.) ‘So it is’ by ‘takt3’
smooth, minimal, deep & emotional – the keywords for takt3‘s definition of house-music. checkout their second lonplayerSo it is‘ and experience it for yourself!

listen & download

takt3 on Soundcloud // MySpace

3.) ‘Mon Fil Rouge’ by ‘Pas De Parisiènnes’
here we go with another premiere: the first official album by french producer & $upra-Artist Pas De Parisiènnes aka jacques depot. if you have a gusto for deluxe french- and funky filter-house, this is your record!

listen & download

Pas De Parisiénnes in my Blog

4.) ‘A Small Entrance’ by ‘FX-INTRUDER’
last not least the second free-download-release in this release-reminder: the selected works of my very first sideprojectFX-INTRUDER’, consisting the nostalgic tunes I did from 92 – 00!

listen & download

thanks for listening, downloading & sharing!
Turn on, Tune in, Drop out! 😉


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