SYLVESTAAA?? Again?? I’m staggered…

yesyalls, due to the fact that I thought this year’s nu year would be completely cancelled in case of apocalyptic circumstances predicted in the mayan calender, I didn’t prepare a nu sylvester-mixtape as I did all the years before – that’s not awesome & I’m ashamed! 😦

but anyway, how about you checkout, listen, download and party to one (or all) of this years older mixtapes below?? 😉

SYLVESTAAA!! (last years Sylvester Mixtape)

TRAPOCALYPSE MEOW (latest Trap & Dubstep Mixtape Dez 012)

TRAPPED // BROKEN & SKREWED (Trap, Dubstep, Broken Beats, Wonky Mixtape from Nov 012)

ZOMBIERAVE II – Part 1 & Part 2 (ultra slowed-down 90’s TECHNO RAVE with various Guest-Vocalists from Oct 012)

Ghosts In Disguise Essential DJ Mix (a smooth & exclusive electronica Mix by Ghosts in Disguise from Oct 012)

The House Of House – Vol.II (second edition of my strictly House-Mixtape-Anthology from Jun 012)

Downer 1000© (a slow and doped out downtempo/hiphop/chillwave/wonky mixtape from apr 012)

From Here 2 Eternity (an eclectic dance-mixtape from apr 012)

make your choice or take em all!!

have a great party and a fantastic slide-into-013!

c yalls on the other side! 😉



4 thoughts on “SYLVESTAAA?? Again?? I’m staggered…

  1. That’s not your motherfuckin’ Ernst, Alter? Dann mach mal schnell eins. und überhaupt… Gehe davon aus, daß Du – kreativ wie immer -, am Start bist. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo, Homie!

    Das A! aka Astro the Real!

    • Oh yeah livin astro!!
      Nice to hear/read from u!
      Next Year back in Full Effekt!:)
      Wünsch dir nen extrem Ruten gutsch!
      I’ll call ya!
      Cheerz from

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