Another $upra ReRelease: hell g. – TCS

yesyesyall, kickin off the nu year with another re-release on $upra Recordings (and another freshly-retro bloglayout 😉 ) !
this time it’s the 2003 album ‘Total Consuming Satisfaction‘ by my alias ‘hell g.

TCS‘ displays my soundworks from 2001-2003 – it was that time where I was very much into producing drum & bass and dopebeat/triphop music.
I was also pretty much in experimental-mood when it came to loopconstruction, beatprogramming or fx-layering.
some of the tunes on ‘TCS‘ where completely jammed in a row, others where complex constructions with weeks or month of finetuning work.

to get a short glimpse on ‘TCS‘ i’ve got some listening-tips for yalls.

1st : U Took My Love
this is one of the jam-tracks from ‘TCS’ – a slightly mad groovy triphop tune with lots of obscure synths, a wobbly gum bassline, tricky dopebeats and an ill rhodes piano. it’s also one of the free-download tracks from ‘TCS’! 🙂


2nd : Memento
starting smooth with a soothing pad and percussive breaks then turning into a dark and ominous roller – one of the drum & bass tunes from ‘TCS’.


3rd : Pullover

another dnb-tune from ‘TCS’ – this time it’s a remix of one of my alltime-favetunes: ‘Pullover’ by Speedy J (the old raveheads beyond you dear readers will remember that techno-anthem)! This track is also for free-download!


so far for the tips – there’s quite a lot more different stuff and sounds to discover on ‘TCS‘ – why not checkout for yourself? 😉

listen/download/share ‘Total Consuming Satisfaction’ on bandcamp!

free download tracks are ‘U Took My Love’, ‘Fauna Flashed’, ‘Pullover’ and ‘Don’t Keep Your Head Down’


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