2 more L.O.S.T.-Tunes from a dead Band!!

back on track with two more L.O.S.T.-tunes – this time it’s from another dead band of mine I showed you ages ago – I’m talking bout ‘Tsunami‘ (read more about us —->HERE!).

Tsunami‘ stood for melodic indie-powerpop – we had a bunch of nice songs and two (un)official selfmade releases.
these two songs are from our second e.p. from 2004/05.

first song is named ‘All Saints‘ and is a catchy midtempo tune featuring the guitarwalls of our guitarist Assi ‘Z’ Zimmermann. (the guy with the cap on the left side of pic above)
Tsunami – All Saints

second choon named ‘Grace‘ is a driving uptempo track with a cool hookline revolving around a nice bass-sample provided by our bassman Christian Keller. (the guy with glasses in the rear of pic above)
Tsunami – Grace

enjoy the songs!!

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