Nu Mix: V70P14 by L064N 5!!

LogansRun3D-thumb-550x400-40474 (1)

it sounds a bit like a fragrance or a new clothing collection – but it isn’t: it’s a new (and the first at all) mix by L064N 5!!

V70P14 (Utopia in regular script) – what isit? let’s ask wikipedia:

‘Utopia is an ideal community or society possessing a perfect socio-politico-legal system.’

ok, sounds legit! sounds also like a goal, that should be achieved by humanity somehow in near future…if there weren’t this huge, all-consuming, mercy- & joyless circumstance called reality

but hey, it’s a mix by L064N 5! and he’s from the future, u know? he should have seen it all…

now to the mix:
seriously? please don’t let me talk about or try to explain it! just grab your headphones, close your eyes and visualise whatever your V70P14 should be – it’s a deep, dreamy, chopped & screwed, futuristic trip featuring artists like datasette, purity ring, keys n’ krates, k.o. and many more.

for a complete tracklist send a msg!

and now:
create V70P14 with your imaginational brainpowers & with this mix! 😉



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