Another $upra-Rerelease: PUCH – Sense

it’s time for another rerelease on $upra Recordings: this time it’s the second official longplayer by PUCH ,named ‘Sense‘.

Sense‘ was produced & recorded between 2002-2003compared to our first selftitled lonplayer ,’Sense‘ is a far more melancholic and also more songoriented album.
it combines styles like downtempo/triphop with classic pop and aswell lounge flavours and has a slight indietouch through spices like glitch, dub & illbient.

I first give you three tracks for a small listening impression:

1.) Son Of Schiwago

Featuring the magnificent vocals of Cara McQueen this song has somehow slightly atmospheric & cinematic vibes.

2.) Cover Me With Joy

we can’t deny a little ‘Air’influence on this one – a worn-out and crunchy dopebeat carries a symphonic organ thru a classic composition featuring the vocals of myself.

3.) Blue Corazón

blue is the keyword here for the overall mood – a deep & melancholic jazzed-up song featuring cara’s outstanding voice again.

I hope these impressions give you a nice view on the overall sad vibes of ‘Sense‘ – tho ‘Sense‘ has way more tracks with vocals, there are some instrumental tunes (f.e. ‘Days Gone’, ‘Big Noise’) aswell.
we also give away two tracks of ‘Sense‘ for free download: ‘Space Travel’ & ‘Whatelse Is Wrong’ !

listen/download/share ‘Sense’!

thx & enjoy!

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