Another unholy Alliance!!

time for another unholy alliance, yalls!
this time I was teaming up with cartoonist, musician and very good friend Ralph Ruthe. most of you dear readers should know him for his excellent cartoons and his website ‘Shit Happens’ (if not, you’ve got to catch that up qickly!!).

some of you might know, that Ralph is also an magnificent songwriter. he produces catchy electronic popmusic already for ages and he plays & performs them recently with his band ‘We Are Linus’, where I’m also a part of.

once upon a time I did some remixes for two of Ralph’s tunes (Du bist wie Sand & 10 More Miles ). Ralph liked the remixes a lot and sent me a collab-track named ‘Old Times’ where I should put my fingers on.
I took that tune and send it completely thru the shredder – I added some synths, a spoonful of acid and edited until the doctor came. 😉
here’s the result: a catchy, ravey and ill dancetrack with lots of oldschool house- and electroflavours.

One thought on “Another unholy Alliance!!

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