Some more L.O.S.T. Tapes!!

ages ago I told you bout the first band I had back in the 90’s – I’m talking bout ‘Brot & Spiele‘.

meanwhile some wonderful things happened – our former guitarist Ralph Bremenkamp found our very very first recordings we did before we released our first official album ‘Baked City‘ in 94’.

he found our very first demo’s aswell as our very first recorded livegig from 92‘ at the good ole’ JZ Oerlinghausen – how friggin’ sick is that?? 😀

Brot & Spiele consisted of Thorsten Strohmeyer (Disthorsten) on guitar, Lutz Schindler (Schindler) on bass, Ralph Bremenkamp (Bremi) on guitar and myself on drums & vocals at this point of time.

well, it’s over 20 years ago and the stuff still sounds somehow kinda fresh & different – at this time our style was a mixture of punk, indie, grunge, hardcore and uhm maybe even some blues & jazzy flavours.

for those of you dear readers who are maybe interested in my very past I prepared three zippacks – the first features our complete first demo, the 2nd our 2nd demo and the third contains our complete first gig at the JZO. the livetape also contains a sloppy cover of nirvana’s ‘Smells like Teen spirit‘ and a hilariousStand By Me‘ cover ! 🙂

please don’t expect hifi-quality – get ready for the original worn-out dirty & filthy sound – these are good ole tape-rips! 😉

I’ve got two songs for your preview-listening pleasure – first is called ‘Living Dead‘ from Demo 1.

Brot & Spiele – Living Dead

[audio – Living Dead.mp3]

second song was named ‘Sure‘ from our second demo named ‘Wie das Brot so spielt‘ – recorded at the good ole Fla-Fla Cinema by the Ars Moriendi & Fich Art Crew! Some songs are already on Demo 1, but in different versions.

Brot & Spiele – Sure

[audio – Sure.mp3]

Download/Share all tapes & enjoy!!

Brot & Spiele Demo 1

Brot & Spiele Demo 2

Brot & Spiele Live at JZO 1992

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