Nu 7 DAYS AWAKE Album ‘Sleepwalk’ out now!!

yesyes yalls, it’s true: there’s a brandnu album of my band ‘7 Days Awake‘ – it’s titled ‘Sleepwalk‘ and available exclusively via bandcamp now!

Sleepwalk‘ consists of 7 narcotica-laden songs ranging from doped downtempo (codeine, circuits, vortex mind, css) to psyched-out symphonic jams (wasteground, everybody online?) and displays our work of the last 2 years.

to get a short glimpse on ‘Sleepwalk‘ I give you 3 tracks to checkout:

1.) Circuits
this is a remake of our song ‘Short Circuit‘ (from our 2007 album ‘Time Fluctuations‘) but with a complete makeup of the lyrics and vocals.

2.) Codeine
as the name already says this songs is strong sedativa – about the incompetence of letting things, situations or persons go after they’ve already left long time ago.

3.) Wasteground
song’s about entering new terrain in everyday life – seeking the unknown challenges and understanding life as constant change. a deep and melancholic hymn.

curious bout ‘Sleepwalk‘? you can also check it in full-length here below or directly on bandcamp!
listen/stream/download/buy/share ‘Sleepwalk’!

thanks & cheerz!

p.s.: already seen our live-rehearsal-performance? watch this LINK !


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