Do you know ‘Falling’ ??

we are approaching the season of the falling leaves aka autumn with huge steps & it’s time to show you a brandnu sideproject of mine which may become your perfect soundtrack for this upcoming event: I’m talking bout ‘Falling‘ !

Falling‘ is the brainchild of shhhh-records label-owner and friend Turgut Kocer (some of you might also know him thru his ambient-soundscapes under the alias of ‘Wardrobe Memories‘) and myself.
the idea behind ‘Falling‘ was to virtually jam with various musicians around the globe via the interwebs – the result is astonishing: a sinister creeping dark-jazz-soundtrack-monster with lot’s of lynch-post-twin peaks and bohreninfluences.
Fallingconsists of Turgut Kocer (key, sounds, bells), Gabriel Masterson (sax), Frederik Groborsch (upright) and myself (drums).

and here it is:
our first official longplayerOriginal Motion Picture Soundtrack‘ has already hit the web & is ready for listening/streaming. and if you’re more into the real shit (f.e. like vinyl) you better read along:
on the 13th of september 2013 we will drop a special 100piece limited edition in screaming green 180g deluxe vinyl, including an A4 heavy postercard, download-codes and a bonus-cd with additional 15 b-sides & unreleased tracks – how friggin’ awesome is that??

to catch a glimpse on ‘Original Motion Picture Soundtrack‘ checkout the albumteaser:

you can also check/listen/stream the complete release in full length on bandcamp:

if you like what you hear you can purchaseOriginal Motion Picture Soundtrack directly via my blog – just send an order to this email:
falling (at) hell-g (dot) com
or purchase directly thru the shhhhop !


p.s.: and don’t forget to check the vids! 😉

yes, you can like Falling on facebook too! 😉

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