L064N 5 presents ‘5C13N71F1C FV7VR1571C4 Vol. I’

my dear readers: it’s been a while since my latest blogpost here – a whole september without a sign of life, sad but true

but here we go with some awesome new stuff by my alter-egoL064N 5‘.

I created a new mix-series named ‘5C13N71F1C FV7VR1571C4‘ (Scientific Futuristica) which represents that kind of sound, that is settled somewhere inbetween nowhereland, stylewise, and has a slightly retro-futuristic, deep and spaced-out atmosphere.
some may call it #dreamy-dubstep, some would brand it #chillwave – but whatever hashtag or drawer you prefer: try to listen to this mix without prejudice and let your soul float thru nearly 45 minutes of intergalactic bliss. 😉

this is Vol.I in an evergrowing series of 5C13N71F1C FV7VR1571C4.

listen/stream/download 5C13N71F1C FV7VR1571C4 via the link below vvvvv !

L064N 5 presents 5C13N71F1C FV7VR1571C4 Vol.I

also available via mixcloud:


p.s.: tracklist on demand – just send a msg!


2 thoughts on “L064N 5 presents ‘5C13N71F1C FV7VR1571C4 Vol. I’

  1. I’m visiting this excellent blog for quite sometime
    and it is always worth a read. I am hoping to see more
    posts like your last one.

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