guess what? the 2k13th are off already and we’re very excited to welcome the 2k14th in a few hours or so – let’s all celebrate as we do it every year, rememberin‘ the good and aswell the not so good moments of last year and make some nice nu good intentions for the upcomin’ year (just to dump em a few days, weeks or month later).

my good intention for next year: more blogposts, more output, more quality stuff, more…etc.
to reinforce my intentions I have again a mix for yall’s as every year for your listening- and (maybe) dancin‘ pleasures.
the mix is named ‘A New Dawn‘ and features some fresh nu stuff from artists like f.e. Shlomo, RL Grime, Illusive, Lord RAJA & Remixes by EASTGHOST or NO SIR E etc.

ENJOY ‘A NEW DAWN’ on Mixcloud and may you all have a nice time & a good slide-into-2k14 – c’yall next year!!

A NEW DAWN – mixed by hell g. – dec013 by Hell G. Aka L064n 5 on Mixcloud

Peace out!

hell g.

p.s.: for a complete tracklist send a msg!
p.p.s.: no stats this year! sry, but the wordpress-stats-tool f****d it up big time… 😉

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