7 DAYS AWAKE Remix for Hanne & Lore OUT NOW on Vinyl!!

’tis teh first post in 2k14 on Ħ Ξ Ŀ Ŀ and if I didn’t already say it to you, my dear readers, I’ll do it now: happy nu year! 🙂

we’re kicking off 2k14 with our (very first) 7 Days Awake Remix of a tune by Hanne & Lore named ‘Be Good‘.
this track (and aswell another remix by andhim & two original tunes by Hanne & Lore) are now available on good ole vinyl – it’s the ‘BLAH E.P.‘ and it’s been released on ‘Heulsuse Records‘.
check out our remix below:

purchase the exclusive white-coloured-vinyl (incl. dl code) –>>HERE<<–

if you’re supernostalgic you can also buy the release on good ole compact cassette (incl. mp3 + pencil + tattoo) –>>HERE<<–

if you don’t know what the heck is a compact cassette nor vinyl you can only buy the mp3’s fo shizzle on Beatport.

I also made a nu house mix exclusively for ‘Heulsuse Records‘ – check it out here:

enjoy the release & the mix!
may yalls have a nice 2k14!

hell g.

p.s.: as always when a nu year begins I changed the blogthemehope u enjoy! 😉

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