Nu $upra Release: LOG4N 5 – TORU5 E.P. – Out Now for Free Download!!

yesyesyeeessss yall, finally a nu release on my label ‘$upra Recordings’ – the brandnu LOG4N 5 E.P. named ‘TORU5‘ !

and the most exciting fact on this: it’s absolutely friggin’ FREE!! how great is that? 😀

my brainchild and moniker ‘LOG4N 5’ was busy producing and remixing last year, so it took me a while to finally finish the ‘TORU5 E.P.

TORU5‘ consists of 5 tracks by my alter-ego LOG4N 5 & a Boris Backup Remix which will only pop-up as a bonustrack, if you download the complete E.P. – but that’s not all of the gold you could receive if you download it all – the first 100 customers will also get a secret link + download-code to the complete LOG4N 5 Bootleg-CollectionR3N3W‘ via email – and this collection is free, too! how incredible is that??

don’t hesitate and go for gold! 😉

listen/checkout/downloadTORU5‘ via bandcamp


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