Nu $upra Release: PUCH – Post-Exile

my dear readers,
its time for a nu $upra-Release – this time it’s the brandnew longplayer ‘Post-Exile‘ by PUCH.

four years past already since our latest album ‘Welcome to our Madhouse‘, which was re-released last year on Lemongrassmusic.

Post-Exile‘ is again one step more across the border of dark- and deepness, reviving good ole genres like f.e. trip hop once again, always a bit self-ironic, yet even with sarcastic undertones.

come and enter the emotional elevator once again and let me show you 5 tracks from ‘Post-Exile‘.

1. Get Nowhere Fast
If you listen carefully you can hear your inner speaker – not your brain, it’s your heart that whispers – clean up your life and see how good that feels

2. Pavement Pizza
All tomorrows parties and all yesterdays recapitulated in this tune.

3. La-La-Land
Memories once again – childhood, true colours, a spotless soulfragments of your personal grand delusion.

4. Flake Out
still in search for refuge – find it in yourself.

5. Elegy
found safe haven

buy/download and/or listen to the complete album here:


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