Nu Mix: LOG4N 5 presents 5C13N71F1C FV7VR1571C4 Vol. III


same procedure as every year: it’s time for a nu year already and it’s also time for a nu mix as always here at Ħ Ξ Ŀ Ŀ !

this time it’s a nu chapter from the dj-mix series ‘5C13N71F1C FV7VR1571C4’ (Scientific Futuristica) mixed by my alter ego ‘LOG4N 5’ – here cometh Volume III !

take a deeply chilled and futuristic trip into contemporary beat architecture and utopic atmospheres featuring artists like Esta, DJ Smokey, Diversa, PUCH, EASTGHOST, BRUXA, etc and have a nicely mellow slide-into 2015!

c yall next year – enjoy the mix!

hell g. (aka LOG4N 5)

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