Brandnu Remix!!

my dear readers,
its been a while since my latest remix – here its cometh a nu one!!
this time it’s again a remix for my buddy, good friend and cartoonist Ralph Ruthe .

maybe you already know his mad tune ‘Kopfkirmes‘ – if not, you can check the original here:

if you thought that this is already ill, than wait till you heard what I did! 😀

I took the word ‘Kopfkirmes‘ (Head- or Brain Funfair in english) on a complete nu level of insanity – starting already from the beginning with a sick shuffled synthbassline over a straight stomping disco groove. ralph had to rework his vocals so they could fit in rhythmically.
when the fürst drop arrives at 1:08 there’s this awkward kirmessynth (I mean this particular synthsound, which normally annoys me anytime I hear it –
but in this context I friggin luv it!
😀 )
this happens twice at 1:53, followed by the regular chorus – but I replaced the original ‘Döps‘ with the kirmessynth.
if you now think ‘well this is already sick‘, than wait for the third drop, which starts at 2:54 – this will bring your brain to a complete meltdown as I’m now frying it in hot trap sauce! 😉
all those subs and pitched 808 kicks and sick hihats and strange melodies…this is the point when finally the ‘Döp‘ returns for real at 3:54 to finish your brain off.

checkout my remix with this psychedelic videoclip ralph made just for u:

or listen & download for free on soundcloud!

enjoy ‘Kopfkirmes’!!

p.s.: didn’t know which genre to chose for this remix? is that what the youngsters call edm? maybe it is, but seriously? who focken cares!! 😉

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