Nu $upra Release: Valera Igla – Cosmonaut

It’s Cosmonaut – Day in russia today – what a perfect match with the brandnu $upra-Release by Valera Igla named ‘Cosmonaut‘! 🙂

It’s been a while since Valera released his latest E.P. named ‘Fallout Feeling‘ here on $upra – this time he takes some huge steps ahead on ‘Cosmonaut‘ with full-on visual soundscapes, psychedelic song constructions and cinematic athmos – you should better put your headphones on to get the whole cinemascope sound experience!

Stilistic somewhere inbetween psychedelic electronica there are often some good ole vibes like trip hop, dopebeats, breaks & leftfieldish spices on ‘Cosmonaut‘ – but the true music connaiseur of you, my dear readers, might also recognize Valera’s huge blues influence.

the album could be the soundtrack for an unmade mystery movie or a sci-fi rpg with steampunk designtotally in love with the sound – it produces images in my brain immediatly! 😉

here are three listening tips for Cosmonaut:

1.> Salt On The Beach
The opener from ‘Cosmonaut‘ brings back some good old vibes – slightly refering to Valera’s former project ‘9mm‘ (with Tobi Morare – check out HERE ) this dopey triphop tune comes in with massive groove and slick guitar work.

2.> Cosmic Transmission
Somehow breaky, somehow minimal arranged – but always cinematic. catchy tune with a mellow melancholic undertone.

3.> Terraformed
This tune is soooo 7 Days Awake… 😀
and this is not just because I play the drums on this track & Valera made all arrangements and played all other instruments – this whole drama inside, emotional to the core – what a surprise that it’s also song no. 7…. ❤

I again recommend to listen to ‘Cosmonaut‘ in full length and with headphones to get the full psychedelic cinematic experience!

Listen/Buy/Download ‘Cosmonaut’ on Bandcamp!

Enjoy & THX!

p.s.: it’s also Valera’s birthday today!! go to his FB and show him some luv! 😉

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