Happy Nu Year !!

it’s time for the yearly same procedure again – a nu year is on the run, the old year has expired and Ħ Ξ Ŀ Ŀ gots a nu mix for yalls…in’fucking’sane, izit?? 😉

this year I finally found it, my very own personal musicalel dorado‘: I’m talking bout a fancy nu genre named ‘internetghetto‘ ! no matter if it’s just another #hashtag-genre or whatever else, this seems to be the final melting pot of electronic music itselfeach and every electronic musicstyle (f.e. electro, house/techno, dub/step, dnb/breaks, footwork/juke, trap/twerk/booty, experimental, garage/bass/uk, etc etc etc) merges together to something so uplifting, so fresh yet so retro and so sick I can’t even describe with words – this is something you got to feel or experience for yourself.

I prepared an insane mix for yalls to figure out what this sound is all about, featuring some fresh nu artists like f.e. pixelord, GAdaBeAts, thundaklap, a.fruit, raumskaya, gillepsy, and many more. (tracklist on demand – send a msg!)

so, all I can say Eventually is: may yall have an incredible slide into 2k16, rave on, get lost in the www and may the WiFi b wit u !!

luv ❤
hell g.

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