howdy yall,

it’s a pleasure for me to introduce something great!

I had the opportunity to do a mix as some kind of permanent soundinstallation for an exhibition by Angélique Pailler (ESP), hosted at the lAB by Artists Unlimited.

The exhibition named ‘Everyday Practice’ started last saturday (30.4.16) and features f.e. a self-created ASCII-alphabet, ‘Toolssculptures and video installations.
With their works the collective Angélique Pailler is in search for enhancement of the vocabulary of relationships.

My mix somehow can be adopted as some kind of hyperacoustic gangwaysubtropical atmospheres, tropical subs, retrofuturistic beats and pieces align with a phallic cactusgarden, wolfish plants aka wild palms and polished chrome sculptures.
you should better visit the exhibition and see for yourself if you get the chance! (‘Everyday Practiceruns until the 16th of june, 2016 at the lAB, Germanenstr.22, Bielefeld, GE)

if you can’t: just close your eyes, imagine the things stated above and press playenjoy! 😉

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