Do you know BroFi ??


Hi yall!

Something beautiful has happened – something that I didn’t expect to happen coz last time this happened was over 20 years ago…but now it’s real:

My brother and me joined forces music wise once again – and we call it ‘BroFi’.

It was already in the first quarter of 2016 when we sat in Steffens studio, listened to some unfinished stuff of each others solo projects while drinking some damn fine coffee and complaining about creativity issues and the loss of ideas in our solo tracks – and then some magic happened.
while an unfinished tune of mine was running Steffen had some spontaneous ideas, showed em to me, I got excited, also got catched by a brainstorm and the creativity avalanche just rolled. and so it continued and continued and the first track was done – but it wasn’t no longer a solo track of mine, we just initiated something that some days later should emerge into ‘BroFi‘.

within some weeks we had our first two finished tunes – followed by our first remix assignment. and that wasn’t just all!
the hamburg based house label ‘Tächno’ (run by Rich Vom Dorf) showed interest in releasing our both tunes and BAM: here it is – our very first official release!

ladies and gentlemen, please enjoyBlue‘!

and you might also enjoy our second babySysex

you can grab both tunes via beatport already – follow this —> LINK !

and like I said before: there’s also a remix in the pipeline and it’s for the lovely guys of ‘T.M.A.’
we remixed their tune ‘Beale Street‘ and it’s all part of their upcomingBozeman E.P.‘, which will soon be released on Submarine Vibesstay tuned – updates here first!!

sooo, that’s it for now. if y’all like what you hear just head to our Facebook page and show us some luv with a thumb!



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