Nu Mix: LOG4N 5 presents 5C13N71F1C FU7UR1571C4 Vol.V

My dear readers: it’s about time to wave goodbye to a shitty 2016 – shitty when it comes to worldwide meltdowns, political & mental, but also natural catastrophes, wars and humanistic failures in general and on top lot’s of great artists who left the planet forever…

let’s quit all this shit in 2017!! it’s time to learn to love again!

and now let’s quit being pathetic!

A nu mix is on by my alter-ego LOG4N 5 and it’s the 5th jubilee edition of the ever-growing mixseries ‘5C13N71F1C FU7UR1571C4’!
this time there’s again some futuristic freshness going on supplied by artists like f.e. EASTGHOST, Modvol, Blank Banshee, Pixelord and many more.

enjoy 5C13N71F1C FU7UR1571C4 Vol. V !! for a complete trackless send msg!

this is the last blogpost for 2k16 – may y’all have a smooth xmas and a neat slide-into-2k17!

much luv!


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