Nu $upra Release: LOG4N 5 – Autoconnect // Clickbait – Digital 7Inch

We’re already facing the middle of 2017 and here comes the first release on my little label $upra Recordings for this year so far – and it’s nothing less than a fancy digital-7-inch by my alter ego LOG4N 5!

Normally I would have released my ‘SP1CE E.P.’, as already announced for the end of 2016 – but several circumstances prevented me from doing that and for now I can say that it may become a full grown longplayer instead eventually… 😉

however, it will not drop before end of this year.

but why not take this little brand-new digital 7-inch instead for now?

the two tunes are in fresh shape, come along in uplifting 155 – 160 bpm and feature some retrofuturistic, juke-inspired, bouncy bassmusic, which might drag you directly to the floor, if you let em. 😉

listen/checkout/buy/downloadAutoconnect // Clickbait‘ on bandcamp or soundcloud and share if you like!

thanks & enjoy!

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