A brandnu LOG4N 5 Remix for A.Fruit – out now on Internetghetto!!


Here comes another feature of a LOG4N 5 track/remix on Internetghetto (the sub-label division of russias Hyperbloid label for adventurous bass and experimental electronic music) and this time it’s a remix for one of the first ladies of footwork:

the lovely A. Fruit!

LOG4N 5 met Anna on a joint event at our local club Nr.z.P. in may this year where we performed together and all arrangements regarding the remix for her tune ‘I Miss You‘ (originally released on Italdred Records) were soon fixed – here comes the result.

Grab the free remix on soundcloud if you like and I also highly recommend to checkout Anna’s original tune (and all her other stuff and mixes aswell!) if you do not already know it. same goes for Internetghetto in general. 😉

enjoy ! ❤

p.s.: in case you missed my other LOG4N 5 features on Internetghetto, click below:

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