Nu $upra Release: PΛRΛ – GØ // MØRE – Digital 7Inch


Fall is coming and we have the perfect soundtrack for this event – the brandnu digital 7inch by PΛRΛ on $upra Recordings.

This guy, who is keeping his identity completely unknown for the public, unleashes hell on his debut 2-track-release and you will love it!

PΛRΛ about his debut single:
This work means a lot to me on many different levels. On a personal level it is my greatest step forward because it marks a moment of accepting myself as an artist. I reached the point when I am comfortable with the idea that some people out there may actually enjoy my work. That is everything I wanted to achieve. I am happy with what I did. Simple as that yet so very difficult.
This doubletracker is also a statement, a commentary regarding the attitude towards contemporary electronic music production – super-polished, overproduced, super-cautiously studded with the same tricks, identical sounds and predictable twists, the same loops and samples from ready made and genre-labelled sample packs bought at the online supermarket. Well… funk that and funk it hard. Not much of it here, sorry. Instead you are getting a release packed with spontaneous drum machine punk, sampling, broken rules, broken beats, gothic rock nostalgia and absurd amounts of bass. I truly hope that you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed working on it! Works exceptionally well when played loud & served with drugs and chilled drinks. YOLO

Thanks to $upra


Download / Listen / Stream / PΛRΛ – GØ // MØRE at the $upra mp3-store on band camp – even tho its for free you can also donate some money if you like to support.

thank you & enjoy !

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