Nu Release: LOG4N 5 – Siddhartha E.P. – Out now on Hokuto No Ket!!


My dear readers,
first of all: I wish you a happy new year !! The last one just faded out silently on my blog for the first time in ages – so let’s kick off the new year with a decisive bang!

There’s a brand nu E.P. Release by my moniker LOG4N 5 today (08/01/18) on Hokuto No Ket – please checkout my ‘Siddhartha E.P.‘ !

This E.P. comes along with 3 new spaced out tunes and one re-edit and is available for free download (only two weeks from now on) at Hokuto No Ket’s bandcamp.

But that’s not all – Labelowner DØT also made a beautiful videoclip for the title track ‘Siddhartha‘ and catched the universal vibes with breathtaking images and perfect cuts on rhythm – check this out!

LOG4N 5 – Siddhartha from DOT PROJECT TV on Vimeo.

I’m very happy and blessed for this release – come and checkout the whole E.P. right here and grab it while it’s free!! (you are also free to donate some money – it’s aswell appreciated! 😉 )


hell g. (aka LOG4N 5)

p.s.: now on soundcloud, too!

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