A nu Mix from #INTERNERD !!


It’s about that time for a nu mix – this time it comes again out of my #INTERNERD brand.

the #INTERNERD mixing series features a very nerdy take on music- and mixing techniques in general with a special focus on digital development and progression when it comes to producing and (re)mixing music. it starts there, where classic djing ends.

the other focus of #INTERNERD lies in the variety of styles and musical genres with regard of internet phenomena – the main aim of #INTERNERD is to bend and break boundaries in musical reception itself.

this brandnu & aesthetic #INTERNERD mix named ‘Vape Me!‘ mainly focusses on the Vaporwave phenomenon and melts the genre defining appearance and atmosphere with remixing techniques like screw and future screw. it contains fragments of some more or lesser known music from the 80s & 90s.

enough talked right now – lean back, grab your favorite vaping-device and

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