Nu $upra Release: LOG4N 5 – TW1N FL4ME // TWN FLM – Digital 7Inch


Aloha, my dear readers – long time no post again and also long time no nu release (almost one year ago…) on $upra Recordings.

Well, time for a change now:
Me and my moniker LOG4N 5 have some news for you.
We‘ are currently working on a brandnu E.P., which will hopefully be finished in summer/fall this year.
To give you something in advance as a little teaser, here comes a brandnu digital 7inch named ‘TW1N FL4ME‘ – featuring two different versions of the same tune.

Both are deep, dark, mystic with cosmic, angelic and overall karmic vibes if you know what I mean… 😉
The first version of ‘TW1N FL4ME‘ has an overall uptempo, trancy and broken technoid aesthetic with a harsh morphing bass breakdown around 3 minutes.

The second version named ‘TWN FLM‘ focusses more on a halftime feel with dark witch– and trap aesthetics – it bounces off the ground in the middle and returns into some kind of industrial/dnb machinery groove.

I hope I could explain it all well for y’all? 😉
Ok, agreed: you should better take a listen and figure it out for yourself.

If you like, buy it via my $upra-Bandcamp store – it’s only 0,50 € per track and 1 € for the complete single.

I hope you enjoy!
THNK U ! ❤

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