New 7 Days Awake Album ‘777’ – Out Now on white vinyl!!

My dear readers,

it’s time for a new release – this time it’s something very special, as it is the 7th official album by my band ‘7 Days Awake‘.

It took us exactly 7 years from our previous album ‘Sleepwalk‘ to the final completion of our current album this year. And if you add that up: 7 albums + 7 years in the making + 7 Days Awake, the result is:


The triple 7 stands for a lot – generally as a symbol of luck or the jackpot on a slot machine in Vegas, 777 also stands for justice and esoterically interpreted for divine perfection and the Holy Trinity.
On the other hand, 666 as a symbolic number has simply worn out a lot in the last few decades … 😉

I don’t want to talk much about this record, except: just listen to it – it speaks for itself.
Prepare yourself for an atmospheric roller coaster ride of a special kind and enjoy our unique interpretation of psychedelic-kraut-inspired-spacey-indie rock music.

Listening tipps:

1.) Peaks

4.) The End

6.) Requiem

9.) Möbius Strip

Last but not least, it should be mentioned that the record is limited to 200 pieces on white vinyl.
Listen to ‘777‘ on bandcamp and buy the record and / or download the digital version.

It is finally highly recommended by us to listen to ‘777‘ in one go !!

Buyers of the record will of course receive a download code in addition to the vinyl.

Thanks for listening / buying / doawnloading!
Enjoy ‘777’!

p.s .: there will soon be an ultra-limited (approx. 30 pieces) special edition with 3D albumcoverstay tuned about this on our Facebook page.

p.p.s.: you can also soon stream and/or download / buy777‘ on Spotify, iTunes, etc. too!

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