Nu $upra Release: Tension – Aspiration

we’re kicking off 2015 with some rather interesting & delicious stuff coming up on my label $upra-Recordings !

the first one who enters the stage this year is no one less then mister Will Tension aka Tension.

his 10-track pieceAspiration‘ should catch your attention by storm as it is as diverse, deep & jazzy-flavoured as it can be. Tension seems to have no fear of touching various different styles as there is f.e. deep and breaky nujazz (train view & data moves), dubstep with ethno-spices (tomahawk), classic dubstep (sleep beneath my ancestors), wonky/glitchhop (do the…dance), deep & minimal dnb (conrete) or dopebeats/trip hop (take a walk) – to name only a few of his inspirations.

tho I recommend to listen to ‘Aspiration‘ in full length, here are three listening tips
from Ħ Ξ Ŀ Ŀ:

1.) Train View

the opener of ‘Aspiration‘ already takes you on a deeply jazzed and breaky journey with blu skies and moving impressions rapidly passing by.

2.) Concrete

this minimal and deeply shoving dnb pusher will make you want to move your feet in an urge!

3.) Sleep Beneath My Ancestors

classic atmospheric & deep dubstep – pure to the core.

checkout/listen/buy/download ‘Tension – Aspiration’ at the $upra Recordings download store on bandcamp!

thanks & enjoy!

p.s.: Tension gives away one tune of ‘Aspiration‘ for friggin’ free – grab yourself ‘Pretoria High Way‘ – just enter 0 € on bandcamp and download! 😉

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