Nu $upra Release: Looping – Home

My dear readers,

its about that time for a brandnu release on my little label $upra Recordings – but ‘brandnu‘ is not exactly the right word as it is a re-release from 1998 – a year when the internet was still new and fresh and streaming services only futuristic dreams.

I’m talking about the very first albumHome‘ by my longtime hometown friends from ‘Looping‘.

The band was founded in 1997 in Bielefeld, Germany and consists of

Volker S.: Sequenzer-Drum Machine
Fred F.: Drums & Percussion
Edgar W.: Bass & Guitar
Konrad K.: CP 70 (electronic piano)
Jochen K: Cello

The idea:
Merging electronic beats and sequences with string instruments and electronic piano.
Each track merges into the next and the complete album was recorded without a break.

The style: a mix of lofi-indietronic with broken beat bedroom jazz flavors.

And this is exactly what you should do: listen to ‘Home‘ in one piece without skipping or hitting pause.

Checkout/Listen/Paywhatyoulike (its free!!) Looping – Home at the $upra Recordings band camp – it will be available for streaming on every other platform in the interwebs on 24.3.23.

Enjoy! ❤


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