Nu $upra Release: hell g. – Quarantiny E.P.

My dear readers,

it’s been quite a while since I had a new release myself – but those recent times of Covid, lockdowns and home-office, those are the times when it can happen that you get to a deeper core-version of yourself – where you find out what is REALLY important to you besides daily work-life, eat, drink, sleep, etc.

And its also the time for time itself – time for making stuff that you really NEED to do because it fulfills yourself and gives you some kind of sense, sanity and salvation. this is, was and has always been making music for me.

so, enough of the bla – ladies and gentlemen, after 10 years of silence around my hell g. moniker, here comes my brandnu ‘Quarantiny E.P.’

It features 5 very different tracks of mine, which I’ll now try to break down for you a bit:

1.) Home Alone

As the title already implies this tune is a homage to making music alone for yourself with all it’s joy (and pain) this has in store.

Playful improvised instrumental Hip Hop with a slight Wonky-Feel .

2.) Snowy White

When Winter came crushing in in February it was somehow a blast and a threat to me at the same time. Stone cold and white-coated the silent city slept and dreamt a feverish lockdown-dream with an open end.

3.) Microdosing

When you’ve got no place to go, no one to meet and nothing to do, everything gets rare and precious – the friendships, the social contacts, the fun and positivity are reduced to a tiny amount and need to get microdosed to keep the individual human system running. For an alternate description please google the word ‘microdosing‘. 😉

4.) Stumbleroni

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, month – the usual manmade system of time became the absurd in recent lockdown/quarantine times. all I could do was stumbling from bed to desk to keyboard and back – and this is the soundtrack.

5.) Goodbeye Sober Day

Ever tried to stay sober and awake in these recent times? Exactly! 😉

Much love and special thanks go out to my longtime friend and Berlin based artist Alexandra Gaul for making the beautiful cover-artwork! you should definitely checkout her work here:

(Typeface used in the cover-art by: Pilowlava by Anton Moglia + Jérémy Landes (Velvetyne Type Foundry)

You can listen/download/buy my ‘Quarantiny E.P.‘ on my $upra Recordings Store on Bandcamp (or on any other platform in the world wide interwebs).

You can also stream ‘Quarantiny‘ on Spotify.

I hope you enjoyQuarantiny‘! Thankyou for listening / buying / downloading!

Take care & stay healthy! ❤

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