Nu $upra Release: LOG4N 5 – TORU5 REM1XED – Free Download!!

First things first, my dear readers: I apologize for not posting anything since 3 month already here at Ħ Ξ Ŀ Ŀ – I know it’s a shame and it can’t be excused..

but now for some good news: a bunch of really nice & fresh nu $upra Releases are in the pipeline this year and we’re kicking it off with this one: the Remix E.P. by LOG4N 5 named ‘TORU5 REM1XED‘ !

I’m planning this release for ages already and waited loooong time for one particular remix, which finally didn’t make it on this E.P. – sad but true.
but lets not shed tears for unheard & unreleased remixes, let’s praise the great ones we have here! 😉

I’m very proud to have beautifully awesome remixes by Sieren, Tension, DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING, Dub Mars & Boris Backup on this E.P.!

Let’s checkout :

1.) Cease Fire! (Tension Remix)
Good boy Tension throws in some deep & broken dub vibes and gives the original tune some subwoofer action.

(did u know: Tension also had a nice album release last year on $upra Recordings – follow this —> LINK )

2.) Bruiser (DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING Remix)
The ghost from Norway is back with some rather fresh styles – giving the ‘Bruiser‘ a dark bouncing attitude.

(did u know: DE▲D††BUT††DRE▲MING had a nice album release back in 2011 on $upra Recordings – follow this —> LINK )

3.) Glidewave (Sieren Remix)
Master Sieren reshaped the Glidewave in a futuristic-sci-fi-broken-ambient-bass-kind of stylepure listening ecstasy!!

(did u know: Sieren is also releasing his first LongplayerTransients of Light‘ TODAY on Ki Records! follow this —> LINK )

4.) Lookahead (Boris Backup)
Welcome to the 80s kissing the 90s and have 2k16 babies with this Electro Funk inspired Remix by Boris Backup.

(did u know: Boris Backup had some releases on Audiophob, Lemongrassmusic, shhhh..records and aswell $upra Recordings. follow this —> LINK )

5.) Aerith (Dub Mars Remix)
Long time friend producer Mario Christofferson aka Dub Mars morphed ‘Aerith‘ into some weird & psychedelic Dubhouse Tune.

(did u know: Dub Mars had a hilarious amount of releases, mainly on Lemongrassmusic. follow this —> LINK )

and now for something very special:
there’s a hidden bonus remix on this release by Cargo (which is another moniker of Tension) who turned ‘Cease Fire!‘ into a dark rolling Techno monster.

bad news first: you can’t preview it at the $upra shop. 😦

the good news: if you download or buyTORU5 REM1XED‘, this track will be included – how awesome is that? 😉

and the even greater news: ‘TORU5 REM1XED‘ is completely free – just insert ‘0‘ in the ‘name your price‘-field at bandcamp and GO FOR IT!

can it get even better now: if you downloadTORU5 REM1XED‘ until the end of April, you also get the original ‘TORU5 E.P.‘ by LOG4N 5 on top for free! OMFG


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