hell g. has his 25th Birthday!!

My dear readers,

time to celebrate – I’ve grown 25 years old!! No, not this blog and not in real life, too (unfortunately) – but my alias ‘hell g.’ – so, happy birthday 2 me! 😀

In 1996, after making music under mainly one different alias (FX-INTRUDER) and a bunch of other incidents, I decided to rename myself into hell g. and focus more on the beats-, breaks– and bass-induced kind of electronic music.

I recently started djing at this time aswell and was heavily into drum & bass and (experimental) types of trip hop, hip hop, dopebeats and needed an outlet for these inspirations and influences.

So, to give you an overview over these old tracks I made a little Anthology-Compilation named ‘unireverse‘ – and it’s completely for free download via my Bandcamp. you can also stream/listen and download/buy via iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.

Hope you enjoy!

p.s.: you can also donate/pay what you want via Bandcamp if you like. 😉

pps.: for those who download the complete Compilation – there are 3 bonus tracks and 2 Remixes included! enjoy!!

ppps.: in the middle of march there’ll also be a brandnu E.P. of mine – the first new hell g. release since 10 years! stay tuned – I’ll keep you updated!

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