Nu LOG4N 5 Release on Nrzp-Records!

October kicks off with some great news:

there’s a bangin’ brand nu release by LOG4N 5 and it’s the second release from Bielefeld’s up & coming new label ‘Nrzp-Records’ .

The digital-double-A-side ReleaseM46N1F1QU3 // L’45C3N510N‘ features old school broken junglist beats interlaced with trancey synths in an retrofuturistic rave context.

Checkout the tunes:

A.) M46N1F1QU3

AA.) L’45C3N510N

download for free or pay what you want on bandcamp !

p.s.: there’s also a videoclip for ‘L’45C3N510N’ !

enjoy!! ❤

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